13 Nov 2023

An Overview Of Loading Dock Leveler Options


An Overview Of Loading Dock Leveler Options Loading docks serve as vital hubs for the seamless movement of goods in and out of your warehouse. Central to the functionality of loading docks are loading dock levers, which bridge the gap between the truck bed and the dock itself. There are many a few different options available, each with slight differences that may make them more or less appropriate for your operations. By matching the leveler to the needs of your facility and warehouse staff, you can improve safety and throughput at a critical stage of the loading and unloading processes.

2 Nov 2023

Why Loading Dock Maintenance is Critical in the Winter


Why Loading Dock Maintenance is Critical in the Winter Maintaining loading dock equipment is crucial throughout the year, but it becomes particularly important during winter due to the challenging weather conditions. Here are some reasons why loading dock maintenance is essential for winter: Safety: Winter weather can bring snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, making loading docks more hazardous. Regular maintenance ensures that equipment such as dock levelers, ramps, and doors are in optimal condition, reducing the risk of accidents like slips and falls. Operational Efficiency: Cold temperatures and icy conditions can affect the performance of loading dock equipment in Chester

9 Oct 2023

5 Ways To Increase Loading Dock Safety


5 Ways To Increase Loading Dock Safety Your workers deserve a safe place to do their jobs, and a loading dock area is a prime space for problems if you're not careful. Rather than assuming people will work around issues, be proactive and ensure the dock is safe as a default state. That includes keeping everything in good shape and giving workers the equipment and knowledge to avoid accidents and other bad situations. Increasing loading dock safety isn't just about posting signs or giving people some goggles to protect their eyes. It's a multifaceted issue that needs to be addressed

14 Sep 2023

Is It Time To Replace Your Dock Seals & Shelters?


Is It Time To Replace Your Dock Seals & Shelters? An essential part of any operation is ensuring your facility is using a loading dock seal or shelter. While seals and shelters are unique in their design and applications, they serve the same purpose of offering environmental control by sealing the space between the dock door and parked semi-trailer. Without this protection, heated or cooled air can flow freely out of the building, resulting in higher energy costs. Additionally, outside elements like rain, wind, dust, and bugs can enter, threatening products or creating slippery working conditions. The benefits gained for

7 Aug 2023

Why Are Loading Dock Seals & Shelters So Important?


Why Are Loading Dock Seals & Shelters So Important? In the logistics and warehousing industry, loading docks serve as gateways for the smooth flow of goods in and out of facilities. Loading dock seals and shelters may seem like simple components, but they play a key role in maintaining a secure and efficient warehouse. For operational excellence, consider our loading dock seals in Delaware!  1. Enhanced Climate Control One of the primary functions of loading dock seals and shelters is to create a barrier between the interior of the warehouse and the external environment. By forming a tight seal around

7 Jul 2023

Repairing Vs Replacing Loading Dock Concrete


Repairing Vs Replacing Loading Dock Concrete Loading dock areas must be safe and sound for anyone working there. Over time a loading dock sees high traffic and supports incredible amounts of weight from equipment, trucks, people, and cargo. Eventually, loading docks must be repaired or replaced, so how do you know which option is the right one for the issues you’re having? Keep reading to find out more. Should You Choose To Repair? If you want to preserve your current loading dock and save money, the most sensible option is to repair the dock. However, there are some things to

15 May 2023

Loading Dock Levelers: What’s The Difference


Loading Dock Levelers: What’s The Difference Warehouse loading and dock safety are very important and should be the highest priority. Therefore, special professional equipment is used, including loading dock levelers. In this article, we are going to discuss the four main types of loading dock levelers and the differences between them to help you make the right choice. What Are The Types of Loading Dock Levelers? Here are the four main types of loading dock levelers you should know about: Hydraulic dock levelers. This type of leveler is known for its ease of use and durability. Hydraulic systems are fully

9 Feb 2023

Lower Your Warehouse Energy Bills With These Tips


Lower Your Warehouse Energy Bills With These Tips There is no average size for a warehouse. They can start at a few thousand square feet and can be as large as several hundred thousand square feet in some regions. Many have very high ceilings as well, and that is even more square footage to think about when it comes to energy costs. Every square foot of space in a building like a warehouse is space that needs to be heated, and/or cooled depending on the weather and the needs of the business or warehouse owner. Every square foot has a

18 Nov 2022

5 Reasons To Invest In Loading Dock Seals Before Seasonal Changes


5 Reasons To Invest In Loading Dock Seals Before Seasonal Changes As the weather starts to change, it is essential that you have your loading docks sealed. When the doors open and product comes out, they are usually left at the loading dock until they can make it to the warehouse or on the main floor. If you haven't already done so, you should invest in loading dock seals before the weather changes. Below are reasons why you should seal your commercial overhead doors in Chester County, PA right away. 1. Temperature Control When you seal off your loading docks,

14 Oct 2022

The Importance Of Restraint Systems To Protect Loading Dock Workers


The Importance Of Restraint Systems To Protect Loading Dock Workers There are several fatal accidents in the transportation and warehousing industry every year. Companies are constantly brainstorming ways to prevent a fatal accident from occurring. While brainstorming safety strategies, companies in the warehousing and transportation industry are looking closely at loading docks. More than 15% of all serious accidents occur near loading docks. Faulty yard ramps may also cause significant injuries. Here’s a look at the importance of vehicle restraint systems in the warehouse and transportation industry and how they protect dock workers. Importance of Vehicle Restraints Vehicle restraints are

15 Sep 2022

The Top Safety Systems for Loading Docks: Tips for Protecting People, Equipment, and Trucks at the Loading Docks


The Top Safety Systems for Loading Docks: Tips for Protecting People, Equipment, and Trucks at the Loading Docks When overstocked trailers, expensive loading equipment, and the well-being of your staff are on the line, there’s no room to compromise the safety and performance of your loading dock gear. Catastrophic accidents can happen in an instant, and our goal is to take the guesswork out of operational safety with proper preventative measures. Our durable products feature cutting-edge docking systems, shock-resistant barrier designs, and innovative safety features that are affordable and easy to install.  If your facility could benefit from a more

12 Aug 2022



THE IMPORTANCE OF MAINTAINING YOUR EQUIPMENT IN TODAY'S SUPPLY CHAIN CLIMATE Due to continued pandemic-related disruptions, today’s supply chain climate faces challenge after challenge, impacting the way facilities operate. With repercussions as impactful as labor and goods shortages, evaluating business processes to help identify action that ensures operations keep moving forward is a must. One of the many crucial operations that must stay top of mind, involves the state of equipment throughout your facility. Without properly working equipment, efficiency, productivity, and safety can quickly suffer. Pre-Covid: The Standard for Planned Maintenance Fully functioning equipment can benefit from a Planned Maintenance

12 Jul 2022



HOW TO SAFELY SERVICE LOADING DOCK LEVELERS Loading dock levelers require regular maintenance to function at peak efficiency. While this service is typically only needed semi-annually or quarterly, the task itself can be dangerous. Weighing more than 1,000 pounds, the loading dock leveler, due to size alone, is one of the most dangerous pieces of loading dock equipment to service. Underfoot, it serves as the safe and efficient bridge between the facility and trailer. Overhead though, a loading dock leveler can be a major risk to the person maintaining it. Unfortunately, unsuspecting facility maintenance employees can be seriously injured when

3 Jun 2022



ARE ALL INDUSTRIAL CURTAIN WALLS CREATED EQUAL? Whether it's a freezer/cooler insulated curtain, a food processing wash-down barrier curtain, a simple area separator curtain, or an outdoor wind resistant curtain, all curtain walls on today's market are NOT created equal. While each curtain wall is designed to fill a different function, all are connected by some common threads that should be taken into account when deciding upon a flexible curtain wall, such as functional, innovative design, high-quality materials, professional manufacturing, and thorough customer service. Insulated or Non-Insulated Curtain Walls Any curtain wall should use only fire retardant fabrics, per NFPA

15 May 2022



WAREHOUSE DOOR REPAIR & MAINTENANCE Efficiency is paramount to running any successful enterprise – especially one as complex as a warehouse operation. When you have invested in quality equipment and products, maximum uptime is key and there are many things you can do to ensure peak performance of the day-to-day business. Doors are particularly important when it comes to running an efficient operation because we rely on them for so many different uses. Importance of Properly Working Doors Properly working doors in your warehouse allows for efficient movement and keep areas separated and sealed off. They also provide security for

29 Apr 2022



PEDESTRIAN BARRIER SAFETY IN THE INDUSTRIAL FACILITY Your warehouse can be a dangerous place. When it comes to protecting people daily, a yellow line painted on the floor does not stop accidents from happening. The whole plant or warehouse is a workplace, and even the most automated conveyor system needs safe access. The safety department, the training department, and the plant layout need to be involved. Separating and defining work areas and walkways as well as providing drop-off protection for interior loading and rail docks has long been a challenge in industrial plants and facilities. Conducting a pedestrian safety assessment

30 Mar 2022



3 BIGGEST PRODUCTIVITY HALTING PROBLEMS AND HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT THEM Working at the loading dock is a repetitive process. A truck arrives, the trailer docks, the facility team unloads and/or loads the trailer, and then the truck departs. Traffic throughout the day will vary by industry, but all facilities will see several trucks come and go throughout the day. While it may seem as if the level of productivity at the loading dock is consistent, some issues are easy to miss that may be slowing the process down. Below are three of the biggest productivity problems at the loading dock

30 Mar 2022



WHY QUALITY DOCK LEVELER FRONT HINGES MATTER Dock levelers bridge the gap and help correct the height difference between the dock and the trailer. They also compensate for the up and down float of the trailer bed during loading. For a facility that operates 3 shifts per day, 5 days per week, and averages 1 hour to unload/load a trailer, a dock leveler is being operated (placed and stored) roughly 2000 times per year (not counting adjustments) and is driven across 100 thousand times per year. At this level of activity, special attention must be paid to the part of

23 Feb 2022

Troubleshooting Loading Dock Levelers & Vehicle Restraints


As key components to the success of your dock operations, loading dock levelers and vehicle restraints are among the most important pieces of equipment to monitor. As the frontline of your facility’s operations, not only do properly functioning levelers and restraints protect your building, but these essential components directly affect the safety of your valuable inventory, staff, and vehicles.  Every Planned Maintenance Program (PMP) should include routine inspections, service, and repairs for these important systems. Of course, maintaining these components and preventing issues is only possible once you know what to look for. To simplify the process, take a look

23 Feb 2022

Vehicle Restraint Checklist: Must-Have Features


Exceptional facility and trailer safety is now the new standard thanks to the latest advancements in docking technology. Originally developed in 1980 by our partners Rite-Hite, the Dok-Lok® Rotating Hook Vehicle Restraint established the framework for the development and evolution of our comprehensive facility safety and efficiency upgrades.  As trends in the transportation industry, global supply chain, and technological innovations continue to change the way we manage our daily operations, our expansive selection of restraint products actively addresses these changing trends with facility-specific solutions. From wheel-based vehicle restraints and integrated alert systems to weather-proof dock seals and stabilizing trailer vehicle

23 Feb 2022

Long-Range Planning at the Loading Dock & Inside the Plant: 8 Solutions for Industrial Safety & Productivity


Managing the complex challenges of today requires a thoughtful and organized plan of action to ensure safe, productive, and cost-effective operations remain uninterrupted. With emerging issues like labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and unpredictable weather impacting the industry, the need for insightful facility innovation and proactive solutions has become a top priority.  If your facility could benefit from safer working conditions, greater productivity, and long-term cost savings in the midst of today’s challenges, consider these 8 powerful strategies for maintaining peak facility performance.  1. Trailer Snow Removal Machines Snow accumulation on the tops of trailers poses a significant hazard to

29 Dec 2021

5 Reasons to Work With Stokes Equipment Company


When managing fast-paced loading dock operations, complex warehouse tasks, or handling potentially dangerous, valuable, and sensitive inventory, the success of your facility depends on a well-designed and properly maintained infrastructure. From routinely maintained loading equipment and bay doors, to proactive employee safety measures that boost productivity, there’s a lot to consider when calibrating your operations for success. At Stokes, your facility’s success is our vision, and with our multi-tiered approach to optimized facility operations, achieving greater safety, efficiency, and improved supplier relations is the goal.  1. Stokes is Your Local Partner On-call and ready to assist, we treat your facility’s

29 Dec 2021

Stokes Equipment 8 Common Loading Dock Equipment Upgrades


Improved operational efficiency, fewer workplace injuries, and healthier supplier relationships are all possible when your facility has the right equipment in place. Whether your facility is lacking essential equipment to keep pace with growing demand or your business is limited by worn-out, broken, or dated equipment, it may be time to consider some modern facility upgrades to keep your facility on track. Along with elevating your performance, efficiency, and overall safety with the right upgrades, after having worn or broken parts professionally replaced, you proactively avoid the need for entire system replacements and extend the life of your existing equipment.

3 Dec 2021

How Can a Scissor Lift Make Loading and Unloading Materials Efficient and Fast?


Optimized warehouse safety and efficiency go hand in hand with the right loading equipment. As warehouse operations scale and loading/unloading demands increase, providing your warehouse crew with the right equipment is the key to success. One of these key pieces of equipment to consider is the scissor lift; as one of the most versatile loading dock equipment essentials, these back-saving lifts allow your team to accomplish more in less time, avoid injury, and protect your bottom line from dated or inefficient warehouse operations.  Time Saved is Money Saved With traditional unloading/loading techniques handled by hand or with a skate conveyor,

3 Dec 2021

The Top Six Reasons to Invest in Loading Dock Bumpers


Proactive warehouse protection is an essential consideration if you’re hoping to maintain streamlined dock operations and improved inventory safety. Without the proper docking defenses installed, costly repairs, disruptive downtime, and tarnished vendor relationships can significantly affect your bottom line. Fortunately, the simple addition of a dock bumper is both a cost-effective and reliable strategy to safeguard your facility, improve vendor relationships, and protect your equipment with professional reassurance.  1. Protect Your Facility & Prevent Repair Costs With a variety of warehouse-specific loading dock bumpers in Philadelphia, PA available to upgrade your facility, the latest dock bumpers naturally withstand significant collision

30 Jul 2021

Choosing the Right Loading Dock Equipment


Upgrade your facility’s potential with loading dock equipment that improves operational efficiency and safety from the door to the factory floor. Advances in modern loading dock equipment are changing the way successful businesses operate, and it’s essential to optimize operational flow if your business hopes to maintain a competitive edge in today’s automated environment. If you’re hoping to streamline your operations from the ground up, take the time to evaluate available loading dock options that could provide a welcome boost to your company’s potential.  Evaluate Loading Dock Area for Efficiency Are your loading/off-loading capabilities streamlined for efficiency and ease

2 Jul 2020

What Makes Stokes Equipment the Leader in Their Field?


Stokes Equipment is the largest distributor of industrial doors and loading dock equipment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. The size of our operation isn’t the only reason we lead in our field. We lead by committing to our customers from the initial, free estimate all the way through the moment we finish training their employees to use our products. At Stokes Equipment, we sell, install and service a huge variety of industrial doors for loading docks and other uses--overhead doors, steel roll-up doors, fire doors, clean room doors, cooler and freezer doors and security gates. We can

29 Jul 2019

HVLS Fans from Stokes Equipment


The high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans available through Stokes Equipment have proven to be an economical and effective way to keep your workplace cool during the summer. These fans help maintain a safe and comfortable workspace for your employees that is both cost-effective and efficient. This will make your employees happy, boosting productivity while also saving you money. Our HVLS fans maximize the circulation of air throughout your facility and can help your facility feel up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) cooler. How It Works HVLS fan designs allow them to circulate the most amount of air

23 Oct 2018

Is your Facility Fire Safe?????


Is your Facility Fire Safe????? Time to Schedule a Drop Test   A Fire Rated Door is an essential facet to your building's fire protection systems.  A Fire Door works as a compartmentalization of a building to stop the spread of deadly fire, smoke and toxic fumes.  If the fire door assembly isn’t working properly, your facility is at risk.  A properly operating Fire Door will help save lives and protect your property when an emergency occurs. Damaged or defective fire doors lead to tragic losses and increased legal liability. Avoid these possibilities.  Stokes Equipment has 15 certified technicians on staff that can

17 Oct 2018

Fall’s Here. Winter’s Coming. Make sure your FleetPlow is Ready.


Fall's Here. Winter's Coming. Make sure your FleetPlow is Ready. Fall's Here. Winter's Coming. Make sure your FleetPlow is Ready. Although the the temperatures are predicted to be normal for the winter, the precipitation amounts will be higher than normal. Take the time this Fall to schedule a Preventative Maintenance on your FleetPlow.  There is nothing like getting a major snow storm and finding out your FleetPlow is not functioning to it's capabilities. A preventive maintenance plan attempts to help you proactively perform maintenance, repairs, and replacements so that you can prevent failures before

22 Jul 2018

Keep Things Cool with HVLS Fans


Keep Things Cool with HVLS Fans The high volume, low speed HVLS fan is designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. Rotating at an optimized low speed, a Rite-Hite high volume, low speed (HVLS) industrial fan moves the most air over the largest area at the lowest cost. HVLS fans slowly circulate a large amount of air. Air is pulled from above the fan and pushed down in a conical shape to the floor below. These fans are now being used in warehouses, distribution centers, gymnasiums, and a variety of other applications. HVLS

22 May 2018

Are you Due for an Equipment Check-up?


Are you Due for an Equipment Check-up? Rite-Vu Hazard Recognition and Control Planned Maintenance Safety is an Important Factor in the  Planned Maintenance of Loading Dock Equipment   With the constant movement of heavy equipment both inside and out, loading docks are among the most dangerous places in any industrial operation. Finding the right equipment to keep workers and product safe is a good starting point. However, they won’t be able to do it well unless they’re maintained properly. Even the best loading dock equipment won’t last forever. The average leveler will experience nearly 100,000

26 Mar 2018

Safety Barriers


Safety Barriers Rite-Vu Hazard Recognition and Control Dok-Guardian – Safety Barrier Helps prevent fork trucks, pallet jacks, and pedestrians from falling off a loading dock.   Rite-Hite's loading dock safety barriers, warehouse guard rails, and mezzanine safety gates will help you comply with OSHA fall protection regulations and prevent accidents throughout your facility. Vacant loading docks create a dangerous drop-off for employees and material handling equipment. When doors are left open to help improve air movement in facilities, it can create an even more precarious condition. Chains or cones are not effective visual or physical barriers. Rite-Hite Safety Barriers are

1 Jul 2017

Protecting Your Most Valued Asset


Protecting Your Most Valued Asset Rite-Vu Hazard Recognition and Control Pedestrians are often crushed or impacted in the drive approach due to ambient noise that can mask the sound of a backing truck, allowing it to sneak up on pedestrians. Collisions between forklifts and pedestrians at the loading dock are an all too common occurrence. This system helps you stay a step ahead of the potential dangers (flow of traffic, fault scenarios, etc.) in your path with a combination of components that use motion detection, line-of-sight notification, and audible alarms when necessary, providing instant