Overhead Door Repairs in South Jersey

Stokes Equipment provides superior industrial door services like overhead door repair in the greater Philadelphia, South Jersey, Chester County, and Lehigh Valley, PA areas because we are truly passionate about what we do. We have refined our loading dock services throughout our 75 years of experience to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our industrial door services include matching your facility with the best loading dock equipment to meet your loading dock needs and then installing the overhead door in a timely manner to minimize downtime. Overhead door repairs are important to ensure your operations run smoothly, so don’t leave your industrial door services up to just anyone. Stokes Equipment is the best company for all your overhead door repairs and industrial door services.

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Fire door drop test Delaware

Industrial doors are a key component of any loading dock operation because they provide security, but they also need to be efficient enough that they can open and close very quickly. This is to minimize heat loss in the winter and A/C loss in the summer. If you’re in South Jersey or Berks County and are looking to either replace your facility’s overhead doors or repair your current overhead doors, then Stokes Equipment has got you covered! We are also the number one industrial door distributor in Delaware, and we provide the best industrial door services in Delaware.

Stokes Equipment has you covered from selecting the best equipment to meet your business needs from the installation and maintenance of the equipment. Since overhead doors are one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in your warehouse, you’ll want to make sure they are working properly because faulty overhead doors can lead to injury and money lost for your business. We provide overhead door repair for those in Philadelphia, Chester County, Lehigh Valley, PA as well as other areas.

Fire Door Drop Testing in Greater Philadelphia

Fire door drop testing is simple and consists of two steps. The first step of fire door drop testing is to check if the door operates as it should and provides full closure. The second step of fire door drop testing is performed to test if the automatic-closing devices reset functions properly. If after the fire door drop test your fire door does not meet these criteria, then you’ll need to have your fire door replaced or repaired. Stokes Equipment in Berks County can help with fast and timely repair or installation service so that your facility’s doors function properly in the event of a fire.

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If you’re not sure where your overhead door’s status currently falls, then the best choice of action would be to get an overhead door inspection or fire door drop testing to make sure that all of the fire doors are working the way they should and that they pass all requirements of a drop test. It is better to be proactive because it will help keep you, your employees, and your business out of harm’s way. If you’re in the Philadelphia, South Jersey, Chester County or Lehigh Valley, PA and are looking for fire door drop testing or overhead door repair, get in touch with us here at Stokes Equipment.

Stokes Equipment Industrial Door Services

When you need commercial overhead door repair and other services, we can help you in South Jersey, Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County, PA, or Montgomery County, PA. Overhead doors for your building are necessary because they allow you to enter and exit large buildings quickly. These cargo doors can be used at your warehouse, or they might use used in a storage facility. Look at what can be done to help you when you have issues with these doors.

The Best Overhead Door Company in Philadelphia

If you need overhead door services in Allentown, PA, we have you covered. Our company excels at everything from installations to testing to repairs. No matter what your problem is, we’ll find a solution.

We’re more than just an overhead door company, we’re a company that cares about its customers. We go above and beyond to ensure your equipment is performing at its peak. When completing repairs or inspections, we’ll notify you immediately if we identify something that needs immediate attention or has a more cost-effective solution than the one we’re there for. We believe in taking care of our customers the right way.

Stokes Equipment provides the best industrial door services in Allentown, PA. If you’re in need of commercial overhead door repairs, contact us today!

Overhead Door Repair Should Be Done Instantly

We know that many companies need overhead door repair that they cannot prevent. We can come to your South Jersey, Philadelphia, Chester County, PA, Montgomery County, PA, or Bucks County facility when you have an emergency.

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Watch Your Doors Carefully

When you manage a commercial facility, you should watch your doors carefully. If you hear odd sounds or notice poor alignment, something could be wrong. You need us to visit your Philadelphia, Montgomery County, PA, or Bucks County facility when you notice there is trouble. You need an overhead door repair or commercial overhead door repair before the door starts to break down or fall apart. You can save money and protect your workers when you are diligent and work with our overhead door repair experts.

What Industrial Door Services Do We Offer?

  • Industrial Door Repair
  • Overhead Door Repairs
  • Fire Door Drop Tests
  • Security Door Repairs

The Best Commercial Door Repair and Security Door Repair in Philadelphia, PA

Depending on what kind of business you have, you likely have several different types of doors. Overhead doors, security doors, commercial overhead doors, and even fire doors may be located throughout your business. To ensure all of those doors are working properly, you need a company that has experience repairing all of them. </p

At Stokes’ Equipment, you can enjoy the benefits of our expertise. Here’s what you need to know about our commercial overhead door services in Philadelphia PA.

You Can Expect Industrial Door Repair in Several Areas

We serve several areas when it comes to commercial door repair and security door repair. Some of the most common places we serve are:

  • Montgomery County PA
  • South Jersey
  • Chester County PA
  • Lehigh Valley PA
  • Bucks County

If you need commercial overhead doors or overhead door repair, then check out our services page to see if we can help you.

Why Our Commercial Overhead Door Repair in Montgomery County, PA Is Beneficial

When you need a security door repair or a commercial door repair, there are likely a few places you can turn to. However, you can’t be sure that you’re going to receive experienced industrial door repair in South Jersey. When you choose our team for a commercial overhead door repair or for a commercial overhead door, you can expect experience, quality, and a great work ethic.

Our overhead door repair in Chester County PA is done by our experts. We’ll save you money by performing the commercial overhead door repair right the first time.

In addition to working with a commercial overhead door, we also can provide you with a fire door drop test. A fire door drop test can ensure your business is ready for an emergency.

Commercial Overhead Doors Designed to Last

An investment in reliable commercial overhead doors ensures safeguarded inventory, and smooth dock functionality, and keeps your business operating with efficiency. Supporting businesses across Berks County, Delaware County, Philadelphia, and New Jersey for over 70 years with professional expertise, our commercial overhead doors are the ideal choice for companies that demand optimal dock and warehouse performance.

We’re dedicated to the best commercial overhead door installation, repair, and responsive service backed by our team of friendly experts. With our full range of door solutions in Berks County, we offer complete project management from start to finish and work around your schedule to accommodate your company’s needs. We understand that your business can’t afford lengthy downtimes, and prioritize responsive installations and repairs so your company can operate without interruption.

What Industrial Door Services Do We Offer?

With over 70 years of experience helping companies thrive, our entire product line has evolved to meet the ongoing demands of modern businesses in Delaware County, Philadelphia, and Lehigh Valley, PA. Using the finest built-to-last materials and advanced door mechanisms, you can expect reliable functionality and lasting quality that enables fluid business operation.

We can safely diagnose, repair, and replace any malfunctioning overhead door systems with ease. Our knowledgeable technicians in Berks County are the best in the business, and with a variety of affordable repair services available, we can help you with:

  • Industrial Door Repair
  • Overhead Door Repairs
  • Fire Door Drop Tests
  • Security Door Repairs
  • Customized Door Installations
  • & More…
overhead door repair delaware county

Resolving any malfunctioning door systems improves the safety of your employees, facility, and inventory. With our responsive security door repair services, any weaknesses in your facility’s exterior will be quickly resolved. With our emergency commercial overhead door repair, we can prevent hazardous conditions or misaligned doors from injuring employees or exposing inventory to potential theft and building to the environments.

When the integrity of your dock space or valuable inventory is at stake, our skilled technicians offer flexible scheduling for overhead door repair and installations across a variety of convenient locations, such as:

  • Bucks County, PA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Lehigh Valley, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Chester County, PA
  • New Jersey
  • & Maryland

When you trust Stokes Equipment for a commercial overhead door repair or installation, you can count on honest quotes, versatile options, and helpful guidance. With experience handling commercial door repair for nearly every entry imaginable, there’s no mechanism or doorway system that’s beyond our seasoned expertise.

More Than the Best Door Solutions in New Jersey

Our expansive product line is designed to improve workflow, increase worker safety, and enhance your capabilities. With any of the customized workspace solutions we offer, like our durable industrial curtain walls in Philadelphia or South Jersey, you can expect quality craftsmanship, affordable pricing, and unparalleled customer service to support your ongoing needs.

We’ve worked with businesses in nearly every industry, and quickly adjust our services as needed. Our rubber doors, fire doors, and door safety accessories can benefit your facilities’ interior. We’re truly focused on helping you design a door solution that optimizes your business and handles every detail of the design and installation process for a seamless addition that maximizes your company’s functionality.

Beyond the best industrial and clean room doors in Philadelphia and related equipment, we stand behind every product sold. You can expect responsive 24/7 emergency assistance, professional follow-up repairs, and always friendly technicians willing to answer any questions or concerns with courtesy and professionalism.

When our factory-trained technicians in Philadelphia or Bucks County, PA arrive at your facility for a commercial door repair, fire door drop test, or security door repair, our company goes beyond the basics of simple repair service. Commercial overhead doors are the first line of defense for your facility, and while assisting with the repair, our experienced team will carefully inspect the door seals, material integrity, motors, and track systems to ensure that your door is properly calibrated for smooth and secure function long after the repair service.

While performing a commercial overhead door repair in Lehigh Valley, PA, if our technicians notice that there are more significant problems such as structural defects limiting doorway function or if the industrial door repair will cost more than an affordable replacement, our team will help you compare the best options to remedy the situation with the most cost-effective solution available. We can assist with facility-wide doorway installations, schedule routine maintenance services, and have over 50 factory-trained technicians ready to assist with the right equipment, expert knowledge, and courteous attitudes.


Contact our experts in Philadelphia, PA, Chester County, PA, Montgomery County, PA, and South Jersey for honest analysis, clearly defined repair/replacement solutions, and benefit from responsive follow-up overhead door repair if there is ever a malfunction or accidental damage at any time.


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