Photo of Thomas M. Swaintek, President
Thomas M. Swaintek

“This company is built on respect. Respect for our customers, our employees, and our products. We take pride in our work, and that’s the foundation of everything we do.”

Photo of Shane Coady
Shane Coady

Vice President of Operations

“I’m privileged to be working with a very talented, experienced group of people. My job is to keep everything running smoothly so we can all succeed.”

Photo of David Weinerman
David Weinerman

Vice President of Sales

“Our sales team is highly dedicated and they know these products inside and out. They always work hard to find the best solutions to your needs.”

Colleen Knapp


“We’re continually investing in our company and our people, so we can offer you more products and expanded services year after year.”

Photo of Michael Swaintek
Michael Swaintek

Safety Director

“The safety of your employees, and ours, is always paramount. Keeping people safe is not just good business, it is the right thing to do.”