Rolling Steel Door Distributors in South Jersey

Stokes Equipment is your leading distributor of commercial loading dock steel roll-up doors. We’ve been proudly providing rolling steel doors to the Philadelphia, South Jersey, Chester County, and Lehigh Valley, PA for over 75 years and we are in tune as to what the industry is demanding which boils down to quality and efficiency. Stokes Equipment provides the highest quality industrial door services in South Jersey because we work with our customers to select the right equipment for their individual needs. Our steel roll-up doors quickly open and close, which allows less internal air to escape.  With a warehouse that processes a high volume of goods and has a lot of loading dock doors, this can easily increase your monthly utility costs.

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Our rolling steel doors are durable as well as dynamic because they are made from high quality steel, yet they operate smooth and fast when opening and closing. Stokes Equipment is your local industrial loading dock equipment distributor to the greater Philadelphia area like Chester County and Lehigh Valley, PA.  An advantage to utilizing steel roll-up doors is that when they open, they open vertically and rolls into a cylinder at the top. This eliminates the need for tracks above where the door would open and saves overhead space.

Steel Door Distributor in Philadelphia

Stokes Equipment is the area’s leading distributor of rolling steel doors and loading dock equipment. Not only does Stokes Equipment provide the highest quality rolling steel doors to Philadelphia, South Jersey, Chester County and Lehigh Valley, PA but we provide our expert industrial door services in Delaware as well. Our trained and experienced staff can assess your loading dock set up and work with you to supply an industrial steel roll-up door that is the best solution for your facility’s needs. Our 75 years of experience has helped us to become the leading industrial door distributor in Delaware because we know what it takes to run a highly functioning warehouse or business.

There are a lot of moving parts including people, heavy machinery, trucks, dock levelers, and more which is why having high quality and reliable equipment is so important in maintaining productivity as well as safety in the workplace. Malfunctioning equipment not only slows down the flow of your operation but can also become a safety hazard. Stokes Equipment is here to help your business work seamlessly and efficiently so that your team can do what they do best. If you’re in Chester County or Lehigh Valley, PA and are looking for steel roll-up doors, Stokes Equipment is right for you.

We Provide Top Quality Insulated Roll-Up Doors

If you need a new insulated roll up door in Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Chester County, PA, we have you covered. Our doors are premium quality. In addition to distributing quality doors, we offer expert installations, inspections, and repairs throughout Montgomery County, PA.

For all your security roll up door needs, we’re the experts to turn to in Bucks County. When you need to replace your insulated roll up door, don’t buy it from just any company. Turn to a company with a history of selling quality products that protect your merchandise.

Our business has been serving Montgomery County, PA, with high-quality products for years. We only provide our customers with the best-insulated roll up door options that are guaranteed to perform exactly as promised.

Stokes Equipment is the best distributor of steel roll up doors in the greater Philadelphia area. If you’re looking for industrial rolling steel door distributors in PA, contact us today.

The Best Industrial Door Company in Philadelphia, PA and South Jersey

Every business could benefit from a security roll up door or steel roll up doors. Yet who you buy the doors from is vital.

That’s why you need to buy your security roll up door from Stokes’ Equipment. For years, we’ve been helping businesses keep their products safe in Chester County, PA and Lehigh Valley, PA. Here’s what you need to know about our doors.

Why Our Overhead Door Company in Chester County, PA Can Help You

Our industrial door company in South Jersey is committed to high-quality products. Every door we sell, we’re proud of. If there’s ever a problem with your doors, then we’re happy to fix it and make it right. Our reputation is on the line with every order we send out.

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Our doors will keep your business safe. This will help ensure you don’t lose inventory and force you to buy more inventory to cover your lost one.

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