Commercial Rolling Steel Door Distributors in Delaware

Steel roll-up doors are manufactured from slats of formed steel that interlocks together, which increases protection and security. This makes steel roll-up doors perfect for industrial and commercial buildings because they prevent unauthorized entry into the building. Stokes Equipment is Delaware’s most trusted industrial steel roll-up door distributor. We have been providing industrial door services in Delaware for over 75 years and we’re the distributor you can count on for high quality equipment and even higher quality services. We back our premium industrial rolling steel doors and steel roll-up doors with our satisfaction guaranteed industrial door services. We provide top of the line steel roll-up doors but know that some businesses would benefit more from rubber doors or other high-speed doors. Of course, we’ve got any type of industrial door your facility could possibly need, including high-speed commercial doors, clean room doors, cold storage and freezer doors, loading dock doors, security gates and more.

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steel roll-up doors delaware

Our industrial doors are durable and can withstand the daily demands of opening and closing at a high frequency throughout the day. The industrial doors we distribute don’t need a lot of maintenance and upkeep, but our service technicians will take care of all routine maintenance your doors may need. Stokes Equipment is passionate about helping your business succeed by distributing top quality commercial and industrial equipment that keep your business running efficiently. Don’t let faulty industrial doors hold your business back from being secure and withstanding unauthorized entry

Industrial Steel Door Distributor in Delaware

Stokes Equipment is Delaware’s leading commercial rolling steel door distributor. Along with our premium industrial rolling steel doors comes our complete line of loading dock services offered to keep your business running efficiently and safely. If you’re looking for loading dock services in Delaware, then look no further. Stokes Equipment can fulfill any loading dock request that your business may need.

We’ve been providing loading dock equipment in Delaware for decades and we’re in tune with what our customers need in this day and age. Some of the services, repairs, and planned maintenance that Stokes Equipment offers are emergency services for when the unexpected happens and you need to service your loading dock equipment as soon as possible to be able to resume your operation. We also offer planned maintenance programs so that you don’t have to worry about the upkeep that comes along with your industrial loading dock equipment and industrial doors.

We provide turnkey installation services. Once installed we can quickly train your employees on using the equipment safely and efficiently so your business can resume.  If you’re looking for rolling steel doors or any other loading dock equipment in Delaware, Stokes Equipment can assist you in any way!

From Insulated Roll-Up Doors to Commercial Hollow Metal Doors, We Have It All!

If you have a problem with your loading dock door, we’re just a call away. We can fix any problem with your insulated roll up door or install a new one if necessary. From commercial hollow metal doors to insulated roll up door solutions, we have all the services you need for your warehouse or commercial operation. We provide prompt, courteous, and professional services to ensure your doors work properly.

In addition to commercial hollow metal doors, we also offer amazing bug screen doors in Philadelphia to keep all the pests out of your warehouse. For all your insulated roll up door needs, we’re the company you can trust to get the job done right.

Stokes Equipment is the best distributor of industrial doors in Delaware. From loading dock doors to steel roll up doors to commercial hollow metal doors, we have you covered.


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