Clean, safe, and simple is how all clean room doors should operate. Fail-safe clean room capabilities ensure regulatory compliance, optimize facility workflow, and protect staff and consumers from workplace hazards and product contamination. 

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In response to the industry’s need for a better containment and separation solution, the evolution of cleanroom doors has arrived. Our adaptive hygienic doors from Rite-Hite successfully optimize three key metrics related to facility safety, staff accessibility, and quality control protocols. 

Easily integrated into any facility floor plan, the versatility of Rite-Hite’s ISO-Clean series streamlines doorway safety with: 

  • Smart Seal™ Technology: Simplify clean room containment and reduce doorway downtime with our predictive seal-wear system. The user-friendly interface clearly indicates the expected seal lifespan and prompts when maintenance is required before a hazardous pressure leak or contamination occurs. 
  • Safe Alert™ System: The vivid overhead displays on our clean room doors prevent accidental entry and improve interfacility communication to preserve the integrity of clean and sterile environments. Easily synchronized with your facility’s accessibility and containment protocols, the bright displays are an invaluable addition to every optimized safety plan.
  • A Simple Graphic User Interface: Implementing code-compliant safety should never be complicated. Our user-friendly GUIs feature a bright, colored LCD touchscreen, intuitive panel navigation, and smart troubleshooting capabilities for simple lab door maintenance.
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hygienic doors philadelphia

Building upon these robust clean door features, our state-of-the-art clean room doors in Philadelphia feature wireless interlocking compatibilities for multi-door sequencing. For example, the system can be programmed for only one door to open at a time (non-sequential), or the system can automatically open a second or third door after the first is sealed (sequential). This wireless optimization is only available with Rite-Hite’s revolutionary system.   

To further improve touchless safety and automated accessibility, the ISO-Clean series includes a fail-safe and fail-secure system for operational continuity during power failures. Designed with an ultra-reliable electronic solenoid locking mechanism, the clean room doors can be programmed to lock automatically (fail secure) or be operated manually (fail-safe) for code-compliant safety even if the grid goes down.

Our Clean Room Doors Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

Our clean room doors in Delaware and Philadelphia preserve the integrity of the environment with: 

  • Industry-leading gasket and seal technology to prevent depressurization and transfer of airborne particulates and microorganisms. 
  • Smooth material surfaces for ease of cleaning and reduced risk of contamination accumulation
  • Hands-free operation for accessibility and safety available with all handle-free models
  • Adaptive pharmaceutical doors that comply with all regulatory requirements and can be tailored to the specific parameters of your facility

How Do Hygienic Doors Work? 

With seamless design features, automated functionality, and easy-to-clean components hygienic doors can keep pace with any facility. 

Starting with highly resistant structural materials, our manufacturers are focused on product resilience and rigorous testing to ensure facility compliance and product longevity. As important as seamless functionality and aesthetic style, our manufacturing partners at Rite-Hite exclusively utilize clean room hardware components that have been tested to withstand over 520-761,000 cycles (depending on the doorway model). Regardless of the laboratory door styles that are best suited for your facility, you can expect rugged doorway performance that lasts. 

After selecting the right type of clean room sliding doors or clean room roll-up doors, we integrate the systems with precision installation practices to ensure gap-free containment. Whether you manage sterile processing or want to safeguard against cross-department contamination, our compliant solutions are the answer for researchers, manufacturers, and production facilities in every sector.

We Supply State-of-the-Art Lab Doors for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, & Biotechnology Companies

Exceeding your safety requirements is our policy at Stokes Equipment in Philadelphia. More than a preferred supplier for the leading clean room and overhead doors in Philadelphia, we empower our partners with experienced recommendations and strategizing to optimize your safety standards with every laboratory door installed.

In addition to full-service support for facility safety planning, installation, and staff education, our certified team is qualified to service and repair all of the systems in our portfolio. To learn more about our safer doorway systems and how they can benefit your daily operations, contact our safety specialists in Philadelphia for a free quote and personalized facility guidance today.