Are You Looking For Industrial Curtains in Delaware?

Improve your facilities’ workflow and organization with professionally engineered industrial curtain walls. Constructed with adaptable and durable materials, our industrial curtain walls are the ideal solution for partitioning warehouses, isolating temperature-sensitive areas, and safeguarding or separating inventory. Our industrial curtain walls seamlessly accommodate warehouse and storage facilities of all sizes, and thanks to our innovative modular design, can easily be rearranged to suit your evolving warehouse space.

Industrial Curtains in Delaware

Our Industrial Wall Curtains Are Great For:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Temperature Sensitive Storage
  • & More

With over 75 years of experience improving companies’ capabilities across Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Lehigh Valley, our product line has grown to empower businesses across diverse sectors. We understand that warehouse and storage requirements can change at a moment’s notice, so we offer completely customized industrial curtain walls designed around your personalized needs.

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Perfect for isolating industrial applications like painting, woodwork, and other chemical processes, our industrial curtain walls create a reliable barrier within your facility. Instead of allowing dust, chemicals, and debris from one work area to contaminate your entire facility, industrial curtain wall systems make it easier to maintain a tidy workplace and keep employees safe.

industrial curtain walls philadelphia

Create Separation & Divide Work Zones in Your Facility With Our Durable Industrial Curtains 

Investing in high-quality industrial curtain walls is a wise business decision. By proactively protecting inventory, improving your storage organization, and isolating sensitive workspaces, you’ll save your company time and money. In addition to dividing workspaces and organizing valuable inventory in New Jersey or Philadelphia, industrial curtain walls can also be utilized to improve worker safety with professional isolation.

Our industrial wall curtain partitions save your company money in a variety of ways. Since many of our Industrial wall curtain partitions are insulating, maintaining a consistent temperature within a confined area is possible. Industrial curtain walls are one of the best solutions for safeguarding food-grade products, sensitive laboratory items, and other valuable inventory.

Along with protecting your valuable inventory in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Lehigh Valley, and Delaware from temperature fluctuations, your business will experience exponential savings on heating/cooling costs after investing in the best industrial curtain wall systems. Instead of constantly recirculating cold/warm air throughout your entire facility, focus your air conditioning or heating efforts in a conveniently isolated area for immediate monthly savings on your electric bill.

At Stokes Equipment, we go the extra mile when designing an upgrade for your facility. Depending on your durable separation needs, our range of innovative curtain walls includes stand-alone options that can easily be repositioned or floor-to-ceiling curtain wall systems that provide comprehensive isolation.

We take careful measurements, ensure professional seals, and can provide you with multiple types of partitions for professional separation that accommodates your exact business model. From insulated curtains and sliding curtain walls to pallet covers and door blankets, our flexible solutions make it easy to step up your facilities’ protection, separation, and storage.

Our full-service separation solutions and loading dock equipment in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Lehigh Valley come with free consultations and honest quotes. We’re in the business of helping companies improve operational flow, and only offer affordable warehouse solutions in the hopes of establishing healthy relationships with our valued clients.

Since we carefully design all of our products to your company’s precise needs, you can count on clear communication and responsive service every step of the way. Long after the design and installation, you can expect Stokes Equipment to provide the best follow-up service for all of your ongoing facility needs. With responsive 24/7 repair services, a team of highly-trained technicians, and a commitment to friendly service at all times, we do our best to earn your trust with all of your current and future business needs.

Comprehensive Installations Available in Many Locations

If you’re interested in professional separation, inventory protection, and guaranteed temperature insulation, we’re happy to help. We proudly serve:

  • Philadelphia
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Lehigh Valley
  • Maryland
  • & Many Other Convenient Locations…

If you have any questions about our services, equipment, or locations, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today. Stokes Equipment is committed to simplifying your operations and will do whatever it takes to improve your facilities’ capabilities with the professional service you can count on.


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