The Importance Of Restraint Systems To Protect Loading Dock Workers

There are several fatal accidents in the transportation and warehousing industry every year. Companies are constantly brainstorming ways to prevent a fatal accident from occurring. While brainstorming safety strategies, companies in the warehousing and transportation industry are looking closely at loading docks. More than 15% of all serious accidents occur near loading docks. Faulty yard ramps may also cause significant injuries. Here’s a look at the importance of vehicle restraint systems in the warehouse and transportation industry and how they protect dock workers.

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Importance of Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle restraints are equipment placed at the loading dock to stop a transport vehicle from leaving the dock during the loading process. Vehicle restraints also fill an important need by holding cargo in place at the dock. It’s recommended that local companies acquire dock locks in Philadelphia to prevent a major catastrophe.

Prevents Forklift Accidents

One of the most severe accidents that occurs at the loading dock are forklift injuries. In unfortunate situations, a forklift gains momentum while unloading a trailer, causing it to move forward and unhook from the leveler. Once the forklift gains momentum, it can cause serious injuries to unsuspecting workers. Vehicle restraints can help stabilize the forklift and prevent a disaster from occurring. Some companies use the restraints to block the rear impact guard, while others use a bar to secure the forklift and prevent it from falling off the loading dock.

Manual vs Artificial Vehicle Restraints

While researching dock locks in Philadelphia, it’s recommended that companies assess whether they prefer manually or automatically operated vehicle restraints. Manual vehicle restraints are devices engaged and released by the user. While manual restraints are more affordable than artificial ones, the dock operator serves an important function as they are responsible for engaging and disengaging the unit. Some companies install a light package for the deck operator to control. The package includes a red and green lighting system that ensures full transparency between deck operating personnel and transporters. The package also includes signs that notify drivers when it is safe to enter the loading dock and when to pull away.

Artificial vehicle restraints use vehicle technology to engage and release the device. Artificial vehicle restraints are popular because the device is user-friendly. Operators can control the device with a simple click or push button.

Vehicle Restraint Systems Rely On Communication

Many accidents occur because there is a breakdown in communication. Dock personnel and drivers should be on the same page at all times to ensure that everything runs smoothly. An often overlooked part of ensuring safety in the loading dock area is having a strong yard ramp. It’s recommended that many small businesses in the area inquire about yard ramp rental in Philadelphia. A faulty yard ramp can end in disaster and result in a  liability lawsuit.

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