Exceptional facility and trailer safety is now the new standard thanks to the latest advancements in docking technology. Originally developed in 1980 by our partners Rite-Hite, the Dok-Lok® Rotating Hook Vehicle Restraint established the framework for the development and evolution of our comprehensive facility safety and efficiency upgrades. 

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As trends in the transportation industry, global supply chain, and technological innovations continue to change the way we manage our daily operations, our expansive selection of restraint products actively addresses these changing trends with facility-specific solutions. From wheel-based vehicle restraints and integrated alert systems to weather-proof dock seals and stabilizing trailer vehicle restraints, our life-saving equipment is expertly designed to maximize your facility’s potential.

What Should Your Trailer Restraint Include? 

While every facility can benefit from the dock safety benefits that come with a vehicle restraint, every facility faces unique challenges and requires an individualized approach to restraint selection. Optimal dock performance is the goal, and regardless of which vehicle restraint type is right for your facility, key restraint considerations to keep in mind include:

Integrity of Installation 

Our professional Dok-Lok® Vehicle Restraint installations begin with comprehensive dock surveying and cost-effective planning. Expert restraint planning protects the safety of drivers, warehouse personnel, and is carefully reviewed for accuracy by our applications team if your upgrade is outside of standard dock configuration. Our cost-effective services minimize dock downtimes, include ongoing follow-up service, and are professionally managed by certified technicians that prioritize clear communication and helpful guidance. 

Pull-Out Force Benchmarks

Based on years of research and development, our Rite-Hite restraint products are installed with mounting forces in excess of 100,000 lbs. In addition, our sturdy systems boast protection against 32,000 lbs of trailer pull-out force, which doubles the standard force that tractors can generate in first gear. Accidental pull-outs are eliminated and loading crews are protected with excellence in engineering at the foundation of every upgrade.

Withstand Harsh Loading Dock Environments

Our versatile surface-mounted, wall-mounted, and under-leveler stored restraints feature military-grade corrosion resistance and are guaranteed to maintain optimal functionality in the harshest of weather conditions. 

Communication & Control

Our Dok-Lok® Vehicle Restraint controls simplify communication between dock teams and drivers. Easily interconnect and pre-program dock safety protocols while seamlessly managing the entire system through our user-friendly integration software. 

With adaptable upgrades like our Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control system, we’re promoting dock safety with interconnected lighting, audio, and visual alarm signals keeping drivers and warehouse staff informed at all times. 

Contact Our Certified Technicians Today

At Stokes Equipment, providing realistic solutions for your specific facility needs is our specialty. We’ll help you identify which restraints are best for your facility, and do whatever we can to protect your budget, elevate your safety, and simplify the entire upgrade from start to finish.