Managing the complex challenges of today requires a thoughtful and organized plan of action to ensure safe, productive, and cost-effective operations remain uninterrupted. With emerging issues like labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and unpredictable weather impacting the industry, the need for insightful facility innovation and proactive solutions has become a top priority. 

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If your facility could benefit from safer working conditions, greater productivity, and long-term cost savings in the midst of today’s challenges, consider these 8 powerful strategies for maintaining peak facility performance. 

1. Trailer Snow Removal Machines

Snow accumulation on the tops of trailers poses a significant hazard to motorists and can quickly interrupt the flow of operations when snow and ice dislodge into the loading area. 

To address this serious winter issue, the Stokes Equipment Fleet Plows™ gently scrape the snow from trailer rooftops in 30 seconds or less. Our drive-through systems protect your workers from the potential injury that can occur when manually clearing snow with shovels or brushes.

2. Vehicle Restraints Protect the Facility, Vehicles, & Inventory

Among the most valuable protection devices, there is our range of innovative Dok-Loks® systems that prevents accidental truck collisions, staff injury, and other common trailer incidents. With restraint additions like real-time camera views of your dock, restraint timers, and trailer-operator warning systems, the frontline of your bay operations is prepared for incident-free success. 

3. Loading Dock Seals & Bumpers 

Professionally seal the gaps around bay doors with advanced loading dock shelters. Our various dock seals prevent moisture penetration on all sides, maximize energy savings, and naturally prevent slip and fall injuries by keeping your facility dry and protected. 

4. Dock Levelers Simplify Trailer Merging

Keep the elements outside and create a safer loading/unloading connection with dock levelers at the center of your merging operations. Our drive-thru systems enable trucks to back all the way to the loading dock door, improving bay efficiencies while simultaneously preventing the exterior environment from compromising the integrity of your facility. 

5. Optimize the Doorways

Upgrading your bay doors with our durable rubber systems resists damage from equipment/trailers and improves facility energy efficiency. Our professional door systems synchronize with exterior equipment for added safety, include high-speed options for seamless loading/unloading, and pair with our Opti-Vu® platform to monitor and overcome energy-wasting trends at the doorways. 

6. HVLS Fans 

Our high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans keep your facility cool in the summer and warm air properly circulated in the winter. With the Fan-Commander® Wireless Touch Screen Control Station, it’s easier to maintain a consistent internal climate and prevent inventory damage, moisture buildup, and inconsistent facility conditions.

7. Proper Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Routine and responsive maintenance is the easiest way to prepare for any facility eventuality. Our expert technicians provide prompt service, ongoing guidance, and ensure that every functional component of your facility is operating with precision. 

8. Smart Equipment for the Modern Facility

At the heart of every successful operation, safety, productivity, and improved teamwork are all supported by the best facility technology. From our smart Dok-Vu® systems for streamlined dock management to our fully-automated safety doors and warning systems, our experts specialize in connecting the fundamentals of your equipment with our smart facility systems.

To learn more, schedule an appointment with our professionals for a free survey and expert evaluation of your facility’s needs.