5 Reasons To Invest In Loading Dock Seals Before Seasonal Changes

As the weather starts to change, it is essential that you have your loading docks sealed. When the doors open and product comes out, they are usually left at the loading dock until they can make it to the warehouse or on the main floor. If you haven’t already done so, you should invest in loading dock seals before the weather changes. Below are reasons why you should seal your commercial overhead doors in Chester County, PA right away.

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1. Temperature Control

When you seal off your loading docks, you are protecting your products and machinery from the winter weather. Many items require a steady, moderate room temperature. This means excess heat or cold temperatures could cause damage to the products and impact your relationship with the carrier.

2. Reduce Inventory Damage From Pests

If the inside of your loading dock is warm while the temperatures outside are cool, pests will try to find any way to get inside. Once they are in the loading dock, they could feed on your product boxes, damaging them and the products inside. With a loading dock seal, you secure areas that they would try to enter through.

3. Avoid Expensive Maintenance Repairs

When you add loading dock seals, you are not only protecting the product within, but you are also protecting the loading dock itself. The seal keeps out moisture from the area, which can break down the loading dock door over time. If pests have been able to get through because of no seal, or the changes in the environment start breaking down the edges around the door, you will need to spend more money to fix these major repairs.

4. Prevent Water Damage

Seals protect against water damage. If your loading dock is exposed to rain, water can leak into the loading dock and cause damage around the overhead door. As the water seeps inside, it poses a threat to the products.

5. Safety Control

Seals close up gaps in the door and make it harder for intruders to enter. Without a seal, any crack or weak spot along the overhead door could be used to pry open the door. 

It’s Time To Seal Your Loading Dock

At Stokes Equipment, we offer durable and efficient seals to protect your warehouse, cargo, and employees. If you are looking for loading dock seals in Chester County, PA, contact us today!