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Safety is an Important Factor in the  Planned Maintenance of Loading Dock Equipment


With the constant movement of heavy equipment both inside and out, loading docks are among the most dangerous places in any industrial operation. Finding the right equipment to keep workers and product safe is a good starting point. However, they won’t be able to do it well unless they’re maintained properly.

Even the best loading dock equipment won’t last forever. The average leveler will experience nearly 100,000 crossings by a forklift during a single year. Vehicle restraints will take punishment from trailers bouncing up and down during loading/unloading, not to mention any unintentional early trailer departures.

This kind of use at the loading dock makes it necessary to provide routine maintenance on equipment. More than half of facilities across the U.S. take a reactive approach to maintenance.

Quarterly or Semi-Annual inspection of dock areas provide less down time, and early detection of minor problems, preventing them from becoming more serious issues.

Equipment malfunctions can lead to hours or even days of unproductive downtime. This translates into a hurt bottom line.

Safety advancements in loading dock technology aligned with the rise in planned maintenance programs are creating a reduction for risks for material handling facilities and their workers.

Let our professionally trained experts help you eliminate downtime, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve safety. At Stokes Equipment, we believe in service you can rely on… that’s why, our FREE facility survey is a quick and simple process that will help increase the life of your loading dock equipment.

What’s included:

• A free assessment of every piece of dock and door equipment.
• Predictive evaluation that works to increase the life of your equipment.
• Examination of traffic patterns, warehouse goals and facility

• Complete safety evaluation of your facility.
• Energy savings audit.

Maintaining material handling equipment is a big step in creating a safe and productive environment. Because equipment can take a beating, make sure you have a planned maintenance program. Facilities that do are helping ensure the safety of their employees and products.

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