Improved operational efficiency, fewer workplace injuries, and healthier supplier relationships are all possible when your facility has the right equipment in place. Whether your facility is lacking essential equipment to keep pace with growing demand or your business is limited by worn-out, broken, or dated equipment, it may be time to consider some modern facility upgrades to keep your facility on track.

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Along with elevating your performance, efficiency, and overall safety with the right upgrades, after having worn or broken parts professionally replaced, you proactively avoid the need for entire system replacements and extend the life of your existing equipment. Before replacing any expensive systems, take a look at these cost-effective and multi-purpose upgrades designed to protect your bottom line. 

1. Vehicle Restraint Upgrades

Innovations in Dok-Lok® vehicle restraints protect your facility from collisions, you and your suppliers’ trailers, and cohesively adapt to the latest trailer designs. We offer an expansive selection of loading dock equipment in Delaware that can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing systems for additional safety and long-term facility savings. 

2.Hydraulic Dock Leveler Conversion

Dated mechanical levelers operated by hand pose a risk to employees and decrease dock efficiencies. Our push-button hydraulic levelers are easy to operate, improve facility safety, and boast a significantly lower lifetime cost with our built to last systems. 

3. Safe-T-Lip® Upgrade

One of our most cost-effective and easy-to-install upgrades eliminates catastrophic accidents with excellence in engineering. The Safe-T-Lip® barrier adapts to your existing Rite-Hite® hydraulic dock leveler and absorbs impact forces with proven performance. These affordable updates could save you thousands of dollars by preventing damage to bays or losses due to dock downtimes.

4. Safe-T-Strut® Support System

Raised levelers pose a significant risk to employees working beneath the raised platform. With our exclusive “through-the-lip” design, the weight of a raised leveler is professionally secured for lasting confidence with every warehouse, loading, and unloading operation. 

5. Hold-Down Upgrade

Ensure a stable dock leveler without any structural alterations. The simple, yet brilliant hold-down design protects inventory during loading and unloading, protects employees from unstable working conditions, and will keep your facility on schedule with greater leveler consistency. 

6. Dock Leveler Weatherseals

Our multi-purpose weather seals are suited for bay door applications of all varieties. By sealing the gap between dock levelers and the concrete loading dock pit wall, you ensure flawless trailer/bay docking, conserve facility energy, and create a uniform entry for safer and more efficient dock performance. 

7. Replacement Door Panel

Our flexible and impactable panels prevent the need to replace an entire door system. Our lightweight door panels conform to any manual/automatic door system and are precision installed to ensure gap-free performance and improved facility safety.

8. Loading Dock Bumpers

Among the best facility equipment upgrades to consider, loading dock bumpers protect your valuable building, door systems, trucks, and dock levelers with guaranteed shock absorption. Available in DokSaver™, Steel Faced, and Laminated, contact our experts at Stokes Equipment to compare the best options for your facility today.