Optimized warehouse safety and efficiency go hand in hand with the right loading equipment. As warehouse operations scale and loading/unloading demands increase, providing your warehouse crew with the right equipment is the key to success. One of these key pieces of equipment to consider is the scissor lift; as one of the most versatile loading dock equipment essentials, these back-saving lifts allow your team to accomplish more in less time, avoid injury, and protect your bottom line from dated or inefficient warehouse operations. 

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Time Saved is Money Saved

With traditional unloading/loading techniques handled by hand or with a skate conveyor, injury, worker fatigue, and lengthier dock times are the standard. By opting for a scissor lift instead, the average loading/unloading time for a 53-foot trailer is cut in half! By investing in loading dock equipment in Philadelphia that takes the heavy lifting out of your crew’s hands, employee energy levels are sustained, more inventory is moved in less time, and your extensive overtime payments transform into long-term business gains. 

Avoid Employee Injury & Work Missed

Along with improved operational efficiency, the right equipment investment is an investment in your valuable team. You can’t put a price on protecting your employees’ health, and with a few minor adjustments to your loading dock equipment in Lehigh Valley, your company benefits from: 

  • Prevent Workers Compensation Claims From Unsafe Conditions
  • Improved Employee Morale & Reduced Fatigue
  • Reduce High-Risk Movements Like Twisting, Bending, and Other Injury-Causing Tasks
  • & More Long-Term Benefits…

Enhance Warehouse Versatility

Since a scissor lift and similar loading equipment can safely unload/load pallets and bulky inventory from the ground to a variety of truck/van heights, every aspect of the loading/unloading process is streamlined. Easily transfer heavy supplies from warehouse shelving or the ground into elevated truck beds, or workaround dock limitations if you don’t have a dock leveler or ramp that employees can easily access. A scissor lift truly does it all and is one of the most important upgrades to consider if you’ve been searching for an affordable way to optimize your warehouse’s functionality.

Other Scissor Lift Cost-Advantages to Consider

While improving your operations from the ground to the truck bed, consider the other impactful ways that improved lifting equipment translates into dollars saved:

  • Prevent Inventory Damage Caused By Traditional Lifting Practices: Unstable skate conveyors, hand lifting, and navigating ladders or stairs often result in damaged inventory that could easily be prevented with a scissor lift. 
  • Reduce Truck Wait Times: Faster loading & unloading leads to savings with every vendor interaction and gas savings for your own vehicles. 
  • Protect Your Warehouse Infrastructure: By utilizing a scissor lift to carefully move inventory & equipment throughout the facility, you proactively prevent damage to expensive warehouse flooring, shelving, and equipment.  

Ready to streamline your operations, improve employee safety, and boost your bottom line with a versatile lifting system? Our professional lifting systems at Stokes Equipment do it all.