28 Jun 2021

Tips for Safely Loading and Unloading Trucks


When it comes to managing a fast-paced warehouse and loading dock, an important aspect of streamlining your logistics involves safer loading and unloading procedures. While safety may contradict efficiency, safety equipment at the dock leads to long-term advantages and reduces company exposure.   Vehicle Restraints Prevent Injury, Death, and Product Damage  Vehicle restraints are one of the best investments you can make to upgrade your facilities’ loading and unloading capabilities. Vehicle restraints installed at dock face foundations, safely hold trucks to your structure, preventing “early departure” and “trailer creep” that can cause a catastrophic fork truck fall. Vehicle restraints are equipped

30 Jan 2021

Six Types of Concrete Damage That Can Make a Loading Dock Unsafe


Safety should always be a top priority when managing loading docks. But concrete damage can make a loading dock unsafe. Find out the six types of harmful situations where damaged concrete puts employees and vendors at the loading dock at risk. 1. Concrete Damage/Spall Around Dock Leveler Rear Angle Concrete spall, which are the flakes that break off of larger concrete pieces, are also hazardous to forklift operators. One area prone to concrete spall is the dock leveler curb angle. In particular the rear angle. The rear angle bears all the weight and force of fork trucks entering and exiting

5 Jun 2020

Utilizing High-Speed Doors at Your Facility


Utilizing High-Speed Doors at Your Facility Our revolutionary line of industrial high-speed doors is designed with efficiencies in mind to bring your workflow to its highest potential. Known for high-speed, low-maintenance, and maximum-uptime, Rite-Hite doors offer the industry’s widest range of solutions to fit your every high-speed door need. Achieve maximum environmental control and separation at the door opening with Rite-Hite High Speed Doors. The main function of a high-speed door is to act as a barrier. High speed doors protect us from harm, save energy and help us to separate processes for optimal productivity. A high-speed door's most important

24 Mar 2020

How to Utilize a Steel Roll-Up Door at Your Facility


Steel roll up doors are the most functional doors for warehouses and retail businesses, commercial parking lots, self-storage facilities, interior apartment and office buildings, schools and universities and healthcare facilities. Steel roll-up doors in Philadelphia provide maximum security and helps reduce the cost of liability insurance. Design Specifications of Steel Roll-up Doors In order to make best use of an investment in a steel roll-up door, it is important to understand engineering design concepts that make these doors so popular. A steel roll-up door is made of a sheet or curtain of secure, durable steel. The types of steel include

26 Feb 2020

Use Stokes Equipment to Create Safer Loading Docks


Today, the availability of state-of-the-art loading dock levelers, vehicle restraints, seals, shelters, and accessories from Stokes Equipment contribute to safety. We offer some advanced automated systems designed to reduce accidents and increase productivity. Busy companies discover value in incorporating our product lines into their expansion plans! Loading Docks: Inherently Dangerous Settings The fast pace of modern commerce contributes to potential dangers facing loading dock personnel. Cargo loading and unloading has always carried risks. Yet today, the widespread use of skid loaders, forklifts, and other mechanized freight transporting equipment in high volume warehouse environments creates particular hazards. Employees during previous generations