Steel roll up doors are the most functional doors for warehouses and retail businesses, commercial parking lots, self-storage facilities, interior apartment and office buildings, schools and universities and healthcare facilities. Steel roll-up doors in Philadelphia provide maximum security and helps reduce the cost of liability insurance.

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Design Specifications of Steel Roll-up Doors

In order to make best use of an investment in a steel roll-up door, it is important to understand engineering design concepts that make these doors so popular.

A steel roll-up door is made of a sheet or curtain of secure, durable steel. The types of steel include stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum. Note that the steel of choice may be heavy duty or light weight, depending on specifications for use. Most commonly steel curtain slats are fabricated from 304 stainless steel sheets that conform to ASTM A666.

The design of sheets or curtains of steels requires annealed or cold rolled steel. Steel is cut into variable lengths and widths, rolled and fitted into an overhead coil.

These doors are controlled by electrical wiring that allows them to be raised, lowered and stored in the overhead coil.

The design of steel roll-up doors provides fast, easy access to various types of buildings. The doors travel vertically downward and upward. This allows the door to be gathered neatly and compactly into an overhead coil instead of traveling on sliding tracks.

How to Utilize a Steel Roll-up Door at Your Organization

Businesses with open store fronts in shopping malls prefer steel roll-up doors as an added security measure to prevent theft. However, a second steel roll-up door should also be added to a rear exit for optimal protection.

Commercial parking lots also benefit from installation of a steel roll-up door to protect customer vehicles from being stolen or vandalized.

Most garages in residential and office complexes rely on steel roll-up doors as a means of preventing illegal entry into buildings.

As a business owner of a self-storage facility, steel roll up doors on all storage units protect stored goods from bad weather as well as from theft.

Schools and universities can utilize a steel roll-up door to protect against unlawful entry in proprietary areas where valuable records, documents and lab equipment is stored when not in use.

Healthcare facilities can utilize steel roll-up doors to restrict access to office, lab, pharmacy and medical equipment areas of a building.

A steel roll-up door is essential for any healthcare facility that is required to comply with disposal of infectious materials as residue of medical testing.

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