Overhead Door Guide: Three Types of Door Designs to Consider for Your Business 

Overhead doors are a great asset for any business and making sure that you find the right one can make all the difference. There are three types of overhead doors that you might want to think about that can help you get the most out of your warehouse space.

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Sectional Doors

These are overhead doors that are in sections and that roll up in sections along a track. When the door rolls up, the sections are going to articulate to make it possible for the door to move up on the track.

These can be both insulated and uninsulated depending on what type of space you are making the door for. You can get the panels and track made to fit the space that you are working with and to ensure that you have the door that you need. These doors are easy to use and should be installed by an experienced professional. 

Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors

These doors are larger and are going to be great if you want something with windows for visual access. This is going to let plenty of light into the space and is also going to help you get a lighter look. You can customize the stile width, glazing materials, and track styles so the doors meet whatever industrial needs you have. 

Rolling Doors

The last option for loading dock doors in Philadelphia, PA that you might want to consider is rolling doors. These are doors that do not need a track. Instead, they roll up into a canister-like track at the top that holds it in place until you’re ready to close it. They can be manual or automated, and come equipped with safety devices to keep everything secure. 

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