Today, the availability of state-of-the-art loading dock levelers, vehicle restraints, seals, shelters, and accessories from Stokes Equipment contribute to safety. We offer some advanced automated systems designed to reduce accidents and increase productivity. Busy companies discover value in incorporating our product lines into their expansion plans!

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Loading Docks: Inherently Dangerous Settings

The fast pace of modern commerce contributes to potential dangers facing loading dock personnel. Cargo loading and unloading has always carried risks. Yet today, the widespread use of skid loaders, forklifts, and other mechanized freight transporting equipment in high volume warehouse environments creates particular hazards.

Employees during previous generations frequently sustained back injuries and muscle strains working on loading docks. They sometimes suffered serious harm from slips and falls. Today, additional (and potentially deadly) risks occur due to the movement of heavy automated freight transporting equipment in these fast-paced areas.

Ramp Up Safety with Our Assistance

Fortunately, Stokes Equipment offers some excellent systems designed to create more secure loading dock and warehousing environments. Astute managers seeking ways to enhance employee safety while achieving optimal levels of productivity trust our product lines. We offer a variety of useful, high-tech assets for your facilities. Consider just a few of these patented technologies:

Rite-Hite Dock Leveler™: This adjustable ramp helps minimize risks associated with automated tractor-trailer loading and unloading.

SHR-5000 Dok-Lok™: Use this ingenious restraint device to prevent premature trailer and loading dock separations while loading or off-loading cargo.

Rain Guard Loading Dock Seal™: Prevent rain from penetrating indoors through an open loading dock entrance and creating treacherously slick floors.

The Four-Part Rite-Vu™ System from Stokes Equipment

We’ve developed a comprehensive four-part system to help prevent tragedies caused by forklifts colliding with pedestrians or equipment in high-traffic loading dock work areas. These scalable advanced technologies employ automation to increase safety. They help alert employees to imminent hazards in the vicinity, while discouraging unsafe cargo loading and unloading practices.

We offer expertise creating safer, more secure, and more comfortable loading docks and warehouses. We’ve invested extensively in the development of important new tools and equipment to advance this effort. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss what loading dock equipment in South Jersey is the right choice for you. Contact us now at 1-800-220-1099 to explore how we may assist you.