As the manager or owner of a warehouse facility, it is your responsibility to ensure all your workers are performing their duties in a safe and protected environment, no matter what height they are working at. According to OSHA’s list of top safety violations, fall protection was one of the top items on the list.

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Worker safety is something that every business needs to consider and address. Fall injuries account for a huge portion of workers’ compensation claims each year. Therefore, it is important to put a proper fall protection system into place. Below are some fall protection basics to consider for your warehouse.

Safety Barriers

It can be easy for a worker to lose some of their physical awareness as the day goes on. This can make the environment perfect for an accident to occur. Awareness is key to safety, and safety barriers can help maintain a certain level of awareness. The presence of safety barriers can allow workers to be more alert and aware of the dangers around them. In a way, the barriers are like a constant security blanket. The barriers can assure your workers are not having momentary lapses in their physical awareness that could lead to injuries. Stokes Equipment offers Rite-Hite loading dock and mezzanine safety barriers to ensure the safety of each one of your workers.

Tie-Off Equipment

Along with barriers to increase fall protection, it is essential to have proper tie-off equipment. A secure tie-off point is essential for an effective fall protection system. The tie-off points need to be directly above workers and connected to overhead rail systems. This will minimize swing and free fall hazards significantly. The choice between column or ceiling mounted tie-off points will depend on the amount of space in your facility you have to work with. Mobile options are available when workers must travel in-between stations.

Using Proper Lanyards

Fall arrest lanyards are needed to allow your workers to be tied in the safest way possible. Self-retracting lanyards will be able to offer secure connections from the employee to the tie-off point. It can help reduce excess momentum if there is a fall. Proper fall arrest lanyards come with features such as slip-braking systems. This feature decreases the arresting force from a fall and can help to increase a worker’s ability to rescue themselves instead of waiting for help.

Harness Safety

The last component in a proper and secure fall protection system is a safety harness. Each employee should have a quality harness to ensure their safety while working off the ground. Full-body harnesses provide employees with features that can ensure they are protected when working at any height. Harnesses that come with quick-fastening buckles will allow each wearer to get a perfect fit. Features such as built-in pads can help protect the stitching to ensure they last long and work effectively.