commercial hollow metal doors south jerseySuperior Hollow Metal Doors in Greater Philadelphia

Your loading dock bay is one of the most important parts of your company. Without an efficient and safe loading dock, your employees can become injured, and your productivity can suffer. If your steel doors aren’t what they should be, then you should rely on Stoke’s Equipment. Our company features various commercial metal doors to fit all of your industrial needs. Here are some of the products and services that we offer in South Jersey and Philadelphia.

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High-Speed Doors in Lehigh Valley

One way that you can make your loading dock more efficient is by having high-speed doors installed. There are roll-up doors and bi-parting doors. Some of the brands that we offer with roll-up doors are FasTrax High Speed Industrial Door, FasTrax XL, Lite Speed, and Split Second. These doors quickly and safely roll up when you need them to.

For those who don’t want to wait for the rollers to do their work, then our commercial metal doors in Philadelphia and South Jersey may be just what you need.

Our company is proud to install and furnish your doors for you. We’ll make sure that they are functional within your loading dock so you can start using them immediately.

Overhead and Dock Doors in Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA

commercial hollow metal doors philadelphiaWhen it comes to loading docks, you need to have doors that are ready to function and function quickly. The speed and safety of your doors can contribute to how efficient your docking system is. It’s why we’re proud to offer steel roll up doors Delaware for your every need.

Our rolling steel doors are secure enough to keep potential criminals out of your vulnerable docking bay. Yet they’re still light enough not to take a strain on your equipment. Our steel roll up doors Philadelphia, PA can make the difference between high-level productivity and average productivity.

We also offer other kinds of loading dock doors like sectional, bug screens, rubber doors, and fire doors. These products can benefit your business by keeping out unwanted pests, extra safety and less damage. No one wants to find bugs in their orders or shipments that come from your warehouse.

Fire doors are a great way to ensure that your products and employees are safe. Finally, our rubber doors in South Jersey and Bucks County can be great to reduce damage to the doors that are constantly hit by equipment.

Cooler and Freezer Doors in Montgomery County, PA and Lehigh Valley

For businesses that utilize temperature controlled areas, it’s essential that you have a high-quality freezer door. Using a door that isn’t created for frozen temperatures can wreck your produce and equipment. When a non-freezer door is used to house frozen assets, the cold temperatures can actually escape the room.

All of the products and assets that you have stored in the frozen room might spoil or become damaged. That’s a good chunk of money that was wasted.

Non-frozen doors also have a tendency to stick closed. This can make operating them a hassle. You may not be able to open it at all.

To prevent damage to your products and facility, you should use our freezer doors in Philadelphia and Bucks County. Some of the types that we carry are High-Speed Roll-Up doors, Impactable Bi-Parting, and Rigid Bi-Part and Single Slide. One of the brands that we carry is FasTrax FR Cold Storage.

When you buy steel doors or frozen doors from us, you can be sure that they’ll keep your products and assets safe. They’ll conserve the cold temperature, so you don’t experience product loss or have to keep paying higher and higher energy bills to keep that area cool.

Our doors in Montgomery County, PA and Lehigh Valley could be the difference in helping you boost your revenue.

Upgrade Personnel Doors in South Jersey

With the finest commercial hollow metal doors on the market, at Stokes Equipment, our built-to-last commercial hollow metal doors can be customized to your facility’s precise specifications, allowing for unparalleled functionality and warehouse operations. Our superior doors and hardware keep areas securely sealed, and feature numerous safety features to prevent worker injury.

Beyond upgrading your personnel doors in New Jersey, Montgomery County, PA, or Lehigh Valley, PA, all of our products are designed with worker safety and convenience in mind. Our door systems in South Jersey and Philadelphia boast a variety of additional benefits, like:commercial metal doors

  • Durable Materials Resist Corrosion and Impact
  • High Quality Hardware
  • Sizes to Accommodate Any Opening
  • Bi-Parting & Single-Slide Options
  • Automatic Operation
  • & More Impactful Design Features…

Custom Fit to Your Facility in Philadelphia, Bucks County, & NJ

Across NJ, we have experience managing projects for facilities of all sizes. We handle every aspect of the door design, installation, and maintenance for the easiest upgrade in the industry. We’re dedicated to efficiency with all of our installations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, so you can expect a fully operational commercial door installation with minimum downtime.

Following our professional commercial door installation, we stand behind our durable products with 24/7 emergency repair services and friendly customer service. If you’re interested in a free door consultation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team to learn more about our door upgrades!

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When you need hollow metal doors that are high-quality and long-lasting, then you need our products. We serve South Jersey, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Bucks County, Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding areas. Call us today for more information and check out our high-quality products.

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The Best Commercial Hollow Metal Doors in South Jersey, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas.

Having the right kind of doors for your business is essential to ensure it’s kept safe and that business operations can run efficiently. Who you choose to buy your commercial hollow metal doors from is important. The doors need to be made from high-quality materials and function well.

That kind of quality can only be found at Stokes’ Equipment. We’ve been helping businesses and customers for years in providing them with parts, tools, and other pieces of equipment to make their lives easier. Here’s what you need to know about our commercial hollow metal doors in Montgomery County PA and Bucks County.

Why You Should Buy Our Metal Doors in Lehigh Valley PA

With plenty of doors out there, what makes ours special? For one, we only acquire the doors made from the best materials. We know how important it is that your doors hold up against a lot of use. Our quality will assure that your metal doors in Lehigh Valley PA last for years.

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