Our clean room doors are establishing a new standard in containment safety and user-friendly accessibility.

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To enhance leak-free performance, our versatile series of lab doors features a predictive Smart Seal™ system that anticipates seal lifespan and maintenance requirements. To promote facility-wide staff safety, communication, and pressurized integrity, our clean room doors feature bright overhead signage to indicate when a clean room is active or it is safe to enter. All are managed through a simple, touchscreen graphic user interface, and maintaining code-compliant facility safety has never been easier. 

clean room doors new jersey

Pharmaceutical Doors Are Designed To Control Contaminants & Particulates

Our adaptable clean room door solutions are ideal for manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, food processing plants, and every other industry that needs secure, affordable, and easy-to-use clean room doors. 

To maximize doorway efficacy and seamlessly integrate our pharma doors into your business model, our safety specialists at Stokes Equipment provide turnkey planning support and installations. By partnering directly with our clean room door manufacturers, we are positioned to reduce total costs while ensuring a precision facility improvement that meets and exceeds ISO, FDA, and other regulatory guidelines in New Jersey. If you have been searching for a certified and capable partner to upgrade your laboratory door safety standards, our professionals at Stokes Equipment never settle for anything less than code-compliant precision. 

So, how can our state-of-the-art hygienic doors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey optimize your operations? Our glider, bi-parting, and clean room roll-up doors in New Jersey feature: 

  • A diverse series of clean room doors that are compatible with a wider range of clean, sterile, and accessibility needs.
  • A smart system that provides real-time diagnostic information; know when you need to perform maintenance, adjust the settings in moments, and troubleshoot issues with ease.
  • A wireless interlocking system that supports sequential and non-sequential clean room door operation; program the system to lock the other doors when one is open, or automate the system to open the second or third door after the first has sealed. 
  • Durable, smooth, and quiet operating components that have been rigorously tested to withstand extensive use. 
  • A dependable fail-safe and fail-secure system that prevents containment failures during a power outage; program the clean room doors to seal the doors if power fails, or use the doorways with manual opening/closing as needed.

Industries That Can Benefit From Hygienic Doors 

pharmaceutical doors new jerseyOur advanced laboratory doors provide exceptional safety in numerous sectors. Our dependable pharmaceutical doors in NJ are the perfect facility upgrade for: 

  • Food manufacturers and processors
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Aerospace and defense developers
  • Semiconductor and electronics companies
  • Medical device and supply manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical research and production companies
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Distribution and storage companies
  • & Many more industries!

In addition to the industries that are legally required to maintain code-compliant clean room environments, our lab doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice for other niche facility applications. For example, our durable and high-peed cleanroom sliding doors can be a useful addition in CNC machine shops, commercial kitchens, data centers, and automotive shops that need a better solution for department containment, hygienic safety, and touchless accessibility. 

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These examples are only a glimpse of the beneficial potential that comes with our optimized clean room doors in Delaware and New Jersey. With all pharma door models at Stokes Equipment, we offer knowledgeable facility recommendations and step-by-step assistance with all phases of installation, product education, and follow-up maintenance. 

Depending on your exact pharma door requirements and operational needs, our clean room roll-up doors and cleanroom sliding doors are tailored to your specific facility requirements. With our custom-fit installations in New Jersey, our safety specialists at Stokes Equipment can guarantee leak-free containment, minimal installation downtime, and an adaptive portfolio of clean room doors to meet and exceed your detailed requirements with precision.

For a complimentary clean door estimate and helpful recommendations, contact our experts at Stokes Equipment for code-compliant safety guidance today!