Is your warehouse or industrial building prone to air gaps? Or are you in need of commercial door repair in Philadelphia PA? These gaps interfere with your stored goods’ set conditions, make employees uncomfortable, and push up your overheads.

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Then, how do you protect the integrity of the thermal envelope at your loading dock? Check out our environmental control solutions below.

A Complete Seal for Your Loading Dock

The best approach to correct an ineffective sealing is by implementing a complete seal around the building’s perimeter. Here, you want to achieve a waterproof set up for your loading dock. The Stokes Equipment Company provides sealing solutions for the corners, bottom, sides, and top of the industrial building as follows:

The Sides: GapMaster™ Hooks

The GapMaster™ hooks will seal any hinge gaps after a dock repair, making your swing open trailer doors functional once more.

The Top: Industrial Curtains

Our weighted head industrial curtains use a gravity-based system that provides at least 100 pounds of weighted pressure along the trailer top. It guarantees you an airtight and consistent seal during loading or unloading.

The Bottom: PitMaster™ Under-leveler Sealing System

Our under-leveler sealing system prevents environmental infiltration via the dock’s exterior. It does this by adding filler pads and lip corner seals inside the dock.

The Corners: Industrial Curtains

Our Eclipse side curtains complement the weighted head ones in sealing any remaining gaps not captured on the sides, top, or bottom. These curtains feature a fabric corner pocket that will connect all the sides for a complete seal.

Further, the following products provide specific environmental control solution to your premise:

Industrial Fans

Our Rite Hite HVLS (high volume, low speed) Fans come in handy to efficiently and effectively circulate hot and cold air. They are commercial ceiling fans that rotate at a low optimized speed, pushing more cylindrical air columns to larger areas at an affordable cost. Hence, they will keep the premises cool in the summer, and warm it up through destratification in the winter.

Expect a temperature reduction of between 4 and 7 degrees, creating a comfortable environment for employees and your storage items while achieving significant savings on energy costs. Rite Hite HVLS fans are perfect for distribution centers, warehouses, gymnasiums, and other industrial buildings.

Sealing Small Gaps

Finally, the following products aim at filling gaps due to uneven surfaces following a security door repair:
1. Gap-Sealr™ – For gaps between the sectional door and leveler
2. Wedg-It™ – For gaps between the bottom edge, dock pit wall, and leveler of the sectional door
3. Rite-Seal-Sealing door gaps where a dock has no trailer
4. Lanyard Cup Weather Seal – Prevents air seeping through the leveler lanyard cups
5. Leveler Weather Seal – For gaps on the leveler sides
6. Rear Hinge Seal – For gaps at the back of the leveler plate.


A problem of cold air seeping through the windows will lower the set temperature, forcing you to use more energy to warm the temperature-controlled facility. And, gaps on the ceilings can trap hot air, leaving your warehouse floor cold. Then, there are issues regarding product contamination, safety hazards, and failure to comply with quality inspection requirements. Get in touch for a customized environmental control solution today.